Monday Mix // 2

September 29, 2014

mix 2

Another Monday another mix..

Listen Here 

01- Boom Clap – Charli XCX
02- Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap
03- Video Games – Lana Del Rey
04- Forever – Haim
05- East of Eden – Zella Day
06- Youth – Foxes
07- No Diggity – Chet Faker
08- Goodness Gracious – Ellie Goulding
09- Mrs. Robinson – Simon & Garfunkel
10- 1901 – Phoenix

This weeks cover artwork comes from the talented Tara Banski


App Sauce

App Sauce // Makr

September 25, 2014

App Sauce is a new category where I will feature an eye catching, useful, and unique apps.

First on the list is a free app called Makr

Not going to lie this app is pretty cool. You can create a number of items including, shirts, temporary tattoos, tote bags and more. Once you’ve designed something you can have it ordered and shipped to you. The best part is, you can set up shop, sell your designs and make a few bucks.

The app is really well designed, clean, flat, smooth, and super easy to use.



Some features that are listed on Makrs itunes page are:

01- Ability to order professionally printed custom t-shirts, tote bags and temporary tattoos
02- Ability to sell custom t-shirts and tote bags via the marketplace
03- Ability to share products for sale via iMessage, email, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter
04- Ability to access campaign dashboard, including items sold, $ earned and time left to sell

Makr App

To get the full experience check out their site here



Mix One

September 24, 2014


Welcome to my first Mix. Spotfiy FINALLY came to Canada and it’s great. I’ve discovered so many new songs and some old favourites. Here is what I’ve been listening to lately

Listen Here

01- West Coast – Lana Del Rey
02- I’m Into You – Chet Faker
03- Glycerine – Bush
04- Adolescents – Incubus
05- Come Together – Echosmith
06- Freedom – Emma Louise
07- Reunion – M83
08- Bridges – Broods
09- December – Collective Soul
10- You My Everything – Ellie Goulding

The cover artwork is done by the amazing Michael Chase. His work is stunning and I want to own all of it.

Daily Life

In Case You Were Wondering…

September 23, 2014

This past April I decided to take a huge risk and quit my 9-5 design job. Without getting into too much detail it wasn’t a right fit and I needed out. With a full-time job and Etsy as a side job, I was lucky enough to quit the 9-5 and focus on creating a portfolio I could be proud off, which would hopefully lead to a better job.

Fast forward five months and I still don’t have a “full-time” job and THAT’S OKAY! I have learnt A LOT these past five months and I feel like I finally know what I want out of life. I felt the pressure of finding a job right out of college because I needed the money, and took the first thing that came at me, and although it wasn’t the right job, it did allow me to gain the experience I needed and to grow a savings account.

I know this is the question most people wonder but don’t want to ask…

“how do you still pay your bills?”

With Etsy still a source of income I’ve been able to still pay rent, student loans, Visa, my phone bill, groceries, and still have plenty left to enjoy the finer things in life like Netflix and hanging out with friends.

My days are still pretty full-time. Etsy takes up a lot of my day, filling orders and creating custom pieces. It has also lead to freelance work and connecting with great people. I honestly wonder how I did all this with my full-time job. What I enjoy most is the freedom. I can workout when I feel like it, go for a walk during the day, run errands when I wish, and not have to report to anyone. It’s because of this I have decided to focus on my own freelance business and see where it takes me. After quite a bit of research I have come to understand it a lot more and it has become a lot less intimidating. It sounds like a fun adventure with endless possibilities and the chance to collaborate with awesome people. (yes, yes I know it’s a lot of work and has its challenges).

Some things I’ve accomplished these past five months include:

01- picking projects that I want to take on to put in my portfolio
02- learning UI/UX design. I understand it more now than ever and I love it
03- a new website for myself that will go live soon
04- researching and understanding the freelance life
05- knowing what I want in life and what makes me happy

I was hoping to have my site live and ready to go the beginning of October, but life has been pretty busy lately so it may take a bit longer. In the meantime here are a few previews of what is to come. Stay tuned!

Portfolio Projects Portfolio Projects

P.S Click here are some quotes from a favourite movie in my Etsy store 

and here you can find an interesting article about being in your late 20’s 


Daily Life

September 22, 2014

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